Annuities provide safe money strategies that take advantage of market gains without the risk of market loses.  They protect assets that you have set aside for retirement with tax advantages without any risk to principal, and can provide income for life that you can never outlive.

    Annuities are similar to Certificates of Deposit (CDs) but instead of keeping that money at a bank, your money is kept with an insurance company.  However, Annuities typically yield higher interest rates than CDs, so you receive more interest on the same amount of investment.

    Annuities require that you make a time commitment and the more time you commit to, the higher the interest you will receive.  That time commitment typically varies between 3 to 10 years.  While it is possible to take your money back prior to the end of the time you committed to, doing so will result in paying a penalty, so it is in your best interest to only invest money that you know you will not need for the duration of your time commitment.

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