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Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage insurance plans are both designed to cover medical expenses that are not covered by Medicare, but they are very different types of insurance. We proudly offer both and just by contacting us for a medicare supplement quote we can help get you the coverage you need.

Medicare is made up of different parts. Medicare Part A covers hospital expenses, Medicare Part B covers doctor expenses and Medicare Part D covers prescription drug expenses.

Medicare Advantage plans are sometimes referred to as Medicare Part C. These plans encompass Medicare Part A and Part B while also covering expenses that Medicare does not cover. They also can be purchased without Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, or with Part D to allow you to have all of your coverage under one plan.

There are many differences between Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement plans. Generally speaking, the difference is in the freedom you have and the price you pay for premiums and co-payments.

Medicare Advantage plans usually have a very small premium and sometimes it can even be a zero premium plan meaning that you pay no premium above and beyond the premium you are already paying for your Medicare Part B coverage. The Medicare Part B premium needs to be paid whether you decide on a Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Supplement plan.

While Medicare Advantage plans are inexpensive, you are restricted as to when you can purchase one and usually on what doctor and hospital you can go to. Most plans require you to use a doctor or hospital that is in a specific network. Therefore, you need to live within the plan's service area.

With a Medicare Advantage plan you will also pay co-payments for doctor visits and stays in the hospital or skilled nursing facility.

Medicare Supplement plans provide you with much more freedom since you can go to any doctor or hospital you want. These plans can also be purchased at any time, assuming you are not currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan.

You will pay a higher premium for a Medicare Supplement plan than you will for a Medicare Advantage plan but normally you will pay a lower co-payment and, depending on the plan, no co-payment at all for doctor visits and stays in the hospital or skilled nursing facility.

While none of the Medicare Supplement plans cover prescription drugs, you can purchase a separate stand alone prescription drug plan (PDP) known as Medicare Part D.

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